Tesla Cybertruck

Elon Musk singlehandedly brings us the cyberpunk future we never thought would come. Outrageous concepts, techniques and now design that other people straight out dismiss as „unrealistic“ or „impossible“ – but are they really?

The lack of rear-view mirrors doesn’t bode well for street legality

Maybe we can land a rocket vertically and reuse it, maybe we can influence a whole industry to embrace electric motors. And maybe we can build a car that actually looks like its concept drawing in the end. I love how there is one influential person who still dreams and brings a little whimsy and wonder to things.

I hope the Cybertruck gets a fitting custom UI reskin.

It will be the year 2020 in a few weeks, and I love how if you look in the right places, the far-flung cyberpunk future we dreamed about might actually come to pass after all – warts and all.

So, is this a … CyberTRUNK?

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